My YouTube channel :

Demo of Noodler's Flex Pen, budget pen available from in USA, and reviewed in detail on my shorthand website . It writes Pitman's Shorthand beautifully and the friction-fit feed and nib are fully adjustable for both flex and ink flow by any novice. Average speed in video is 70 wpm:

Psalm 23 (The Lord Is My Shepherd) in shorthand, using a vintage gold-nibbed Senator shorthand pen from the 1970's and still writing perfectly:

Demo of shorthand folded booklets (PDF download), which provide instant revision material to fit in your pocket or purse, to redeem those otherwise wasted minutes, and demo of the Ipod JPGs:

NCTJ Shorthand video on the necessity for this skill in newsrooms:

There are many videos on on the dangers of texting whilst driving or crossing roads. This also applies to visualising shorthand whilst out and about: "Not Just A Text" "It's Not Safe" "Todd's Texting Troubles"