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Sess Words

This article practises outlines that use a stroke S or Z for the “Sess” sound and not the large circle. This generally occurs when the syllable is stressed, thus allowing the exact vowel to be inserted, and also to enable the other parts of the verb to be formed easily. The exceptions that do use the large circle are given in capital letters, and you will see that most of these are the related adjectives or nouns.

We had a large size bottle of sauce, and there were* many sauces available in the shop.
We used the kitchen scissors to cut the lettuce for the Caesar salad.
The boxes came in all sizes but the flour* was packed in over-sized containers.
There are always sighs of admiration for our small-sized decorated cupcakes.
At midday all work in the office ceases, although yesterday it ceased a little later.
Tomorrow we will be ceasing work somewhat earlier than usual.
We worked unceasingly in the kitchen, filling the saucepans with a sizeable quantity of sausages.

* Omission phrase "there (w)ere"

* "flour" Treated as one syllable, hence diphthong not triphone. "Flower" is considered to be two syllables.

I possess a fast sports car but my friend possesses a very slow van.
The bike I possessed last year was not good but I believe possessing my own transport is important.
I am very POSSESSIVE about my tools and someday I will be the POSSESSOR of more.
We need to access the program files regularly and our technician also accesses them on occasion.
I confirm that I accessed my account yesterday and I will be accessing it again later on today.
Now that I have accessed my funds I can buy all the ACCESSORIES* that I need.
We have a lot of excess stock but not an excess of time in which to move it.
He used to indulge in excesses of drinking but now his consumption* is not EXCESSIVE.

* "accessories" When used as a legal term meaning "accomplice" (e.g. accessory to theft) it can also be spelled "accessary"

* "consumption" Omits the lightly-sounded P

She has worked for the Customs and Excise Department for many years.
The surgeon excised the tumour and the patient recovered rapidly.
He will be excising the unnecessary parts of his report which will end up quite concise.
He writes his reports very concisely because he is always excising irrelevant text.
In his book he anglicised most of the names and also italicised all the foreign phrases.
The authors criticise the actions of those involved although the CRITICISMS are rather mild.
A person who criticises someone or something is called a criticiser.
He has certainly incised his name on people's minds, with his INCISIVE style of writing.
The animal had huge sharp incisors with which to attack* its prey.
He found himself ostracised by the club members but this ostracism did not alter his actions.

* "attack" Insert the first vowel, as "take" could also make sense here

They decided to publicise the new club and thought that publicising it online would be useful.
I publicised my new book at the exhibition and gained a lot of extra publicity.
I have engaged a publicist for my product and they will be publicising it widely.
The language he uses is very precise which is in contrast to the imprecise language of his colleagues.
He expressed himself very concisely and this is PRECISELY why the book has sold so well.
One cannot romanticise the life of this writer as he often politicised his subject matter.
At heart she was a romanticist and her books were well-known for their romanticism.
She had an abscess on the gum and told the dentist that she had suffered from abscesses in the past.
He was prone to obsess about his health but he did not consider himself an obsessionist at all.
The lady* soon began obsessing over her garden and became ever more OBSESSIVE.

* "lady" Insert the vowels, so it does not look like "lad" or "laddie"

The money was hidden in a recess in the wall but unfortunately the room had very many recesses.
Eventually we found the item in the recessed gap between the two side doors.
In genetics a RECESSIVE gene is one that does not appear in every generation.
The escaping gases and fumes formed a poisonous gaseous cloud that drifted over the town.
The plant had an unusual disease so I looked for an article on vegetable diseases.
Most of the plants in that batch were diseased in the same places.
The event had to be cancelled due to the recent decease of the principal speaker.
We did not have the address of the deceased so we could not write to the family.

His remarks were quite mild and concessive* which kept everyone happy.
His comments were concessory* and quite agreeable to his former critics.
We like to take our EXERCISE in the morning as EXERCISING is good for the health.
He EXERCISED for an hour every morning before going to work.
The book was about an EXORCIST who undertook to EXORCISE*demons.
After he had EXORCISED them, he did not have to return to do more EXORCISMS.

* "concessive" "concessory" have the same meaning: tending to concede or permit

* "exorcise" Full strokes, to distinguish it from "exercise"

The following do use the large circle, as they cannot be confused with other words.
SUCCESS came early to this family and continued through SUCCESSIVE generations.
Having SUCCESSFULLY passed the exams, he became a SUCCESSFUL engineer.
Our teachers EMPHASISE the necessity for regular study with an EMPHASIS on revision.
They have EMPHASISED this many times before and will continue EMPHASISING it in the future.
This report EMPHASISES the need for the operatives to check their work.

Here are the derivatives that contain the “shun” sound, in order to complete the above sets, and note that there is no “sess” sound in them despite the longhand spelling.
We noticed a succession of customers coming in to complain.
We very much welcome the cessation of hostilities between the two sides.
They wished to secede from the southern government but secession seemed impossible even though the majority were secessionists.
I am now in possession of your letter of confirmation.
His accession to the throne was celebrated by the people.
The excision of large sections of the book was regrettable.
The customs officer made an incision into the suspicious package.
Our engineers are working with great precision on the equipment.
He has a keen interest in football without it becoming an obsession.
She writes with clarity and concision on this complicated subject.
We thought it best to agree to this concession in the interests of goodwill.
I have a concessionary* railway pass for travel in this country.
His comments on this matter show him to be basically a concessionist.

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* "concessionary" means "granted by concession", should not be confused with "concessory" in para 7