Saturday, 30 December 2017

Con Prefix Medial

These sentences practise the “con” prefix used medially, and this is indicated by disjoining the outline and using proximity for the “con”. They are all line length* so that you can write each one in your notepad, leaving blank lines underneath, as preparation for drilling at other spare moments. Three sentences per notepad page will give you six blank lines each, which is a reasonable amount of repetition. If you practise during all those little bits of time that are not long enough to do much else with, then you will be able to afford some “me time” in front of the television for the holiday entertainment, without having a shorthand guilt trip. But please bear in mind that the other candidates at the exam institute or your rivals at the job interview may have done more practising than just filling in odd moments, as they prefer a pass mark or a job placement to the fleeting pleasure of seeing how the movie ends. Avoid the guilt by writing down as much of the dialogue or narration* as you can, to ensure that your personal real-life* shorthand movie ends in success.

* They can be kept line length if you don't include a margin. In the facility drill of this article, the sentences run on.

* Omission phrase "bear (in) mind"

* "narration" The intervening vowel sign (circle) generally goes after the stroke, unless there is already a vowel sign there, as here, similarly "parallel"

* Omission phrase "rea(l) life" similarly "anima(l )life" "fami(ly) life" "political (l)ife"

I decided to discontinue composting my garden waste as it was not decomposing as planned.

The diver underwent decompression followed by decontamination after his dive to the wreck.

It was disconcerting to find the power had been disconnected and the cold causing great discomfort.

It was an ill-conceived plan to travel there and their disappointment was ill-concealed.

I heard of his ill-considered dealings and I am not surprised that he is such a malcontent.

They were overconfident in their ability* to perform and then found themselves overcompensating.

* "ability" You can also use a disjoined B for this word, as is used for the suffix "-ability"

They had no preconceived ideas about the plans and assumed that the others had no preconceptions either.

It was a precondition of the contract that the company would recompense us for any delay in the work.

I would like to recommend this person for the post and my recommendation is without reserve.

The two friends were reconciled to each other and so continued with their reconnoitre of the town.

We have recombined all the engine parts and done a complete recondition of the machine.

We have been asked to reconsider our objection to the reconstruction of the building.

We wish* to recommit to these plans and reconnect with our subcontractors in order to* finish the work.

Please recommence the meeting tomorrow and send the minutes to all the subcommittee members.

Memories began to emerge from his subconscious of his travels long ago on the subcontinent.

It was a well-conducted meeting and the slide show was helpful and well-constructed.

We know they are a very well-connected family but we also suspect well-concealed issues.

His summary of the accounts was incomplete and I believe he is incompetent to do this work.

* "we wish" The Ish is lowered by writing the W stroke more sloping, to provide differentiation from "we shall"

* Omission phrase "in ord(er to)"

Her qualifications are incomparable but her personality is incompatible with this type of work.

The machinery* is made of incombustible materials and is sited in an inconspicuous location.

The patient is incontinent but the results of other tests are inconclusive.

His shabby appearance and inconsistent behaviour in the smart office were quite incongruous.

His life story was inconsequential and it was inconceivable that it could encompass great achievements.

Their stance was uncompromising* and so they suffered excommunication by the authorities.

* "machinery" Optional contraction, the full outline is M + Ish + N with R Hook

* "uncompromising" Note that "unpromising" is written as one outline, but might be helpful to put the vowel in both of these after the M, to prevent misreading

The clerk was a very uncomplaining person and had a plain uncomplicated view of life.

The work remained uncompleted for a year and they were obviously uncommitted to the task.

They wanted us to agree unconditionally to lots of very uncommon and doubtful* requests.

The defendant* remained quite unconcerned by the charges, as she was unconnected to all these events.

The patient was uncommonly active for someone who had been unconscious only an hour before.

They misconceived the man’s motives and there was a misconception about the remarks that he made.

* "doubtful" Compare with "dutiful" which has full D and T strokes

* "defendant" The optional contraction for this, written as "deft", is best only used when the context is legal, and the same applies to other legal contractions, as they are generally quite severe in the degree of contraction/omission

She persuaded them that she misconstrued their instructions, so she was not charged with misconduct.

As he was semiconscious from drinking at the party, his college essay remained semi-complete.

Semiconductors are used in electronic* components and computer processing circuits.

A nonconductor is a substance that does not easily conduct sound, heat or electricity.

The woman was sullen* and noncommittal when asked about her noncompliance with the orders.

He was a nonconformist* when given orders so he ended up in a noncombatant role. (720 words)

* "electronic" Contraction, note the N hook, and compare with "electrical"

* "sullen" Ensure the circle S is proper small size, so it is not misread as "swollen" with SW circle.

* "nonconformist" There is also an optional contraction "non-(con)f(orm)ist"