Monday, 25 September 2017

Intersections 2

Please return your application form to this office. I received their forms yesterday and I sent out more forms this afternoon. Do you have the necessary forms for me to fill in? I think there is* a special form for accidents of this nature. Take the form to the office and get them to stamp the front and back of the form for you. I made a birthday cake* in the form of a train. He was compensated in the form of* a discount on future purchases at the shop. // If you cannot come in to the office, it may be more convenient for you to contact us online. It will be much more* convenient for me* to come in the day after tomorrow. It is only convenient for them to visit you on Monday. This delay is most inconvenient for us. I have attached a copy of the minutes of the meeting for your convenience. There is a convenience store close by.

* "I think there is" Doubling to represent "there"

* "cookie" and "cake" Always insert the vowel, as they could both make sense in most contexts

* Omission phrases "in the f(orm of)" "much m(ore)"

* "for me" Helpful to insert the vowel in "me" and "him" in phrases where it may not be clear which is meant, as they are out of their normal position

My local authority has written to everyone in the street. My boss has given me the authority to sign* letters in his absence*. The military authorities are asking for an urgent meeting with the councillors. Mr Jones is a well-known authority on farming in this area. I have written authority from the directors to handle the affairs of this case. I am going away on holiday in five months. This means I have several* months to write the reports. The students have to sit their mock tests this month and they will sit the main exams next month*. It is now seven* months since we wrote to you. We have heard nothing from them in many months. I received a letter from the accounts office last month*. I have joined my local dramatic society as a new hobby*. My friends are members of the agricultural society which advises the farmers* in this area. The medical society have advised people to boil their water until further notice. The Society of Poets* has invited us to a special reading of their work next week*.

* "to sign" Insert the diphthong, so it does not look like "to send"

* "absence" Insert the first vowel, as this looks like "business"

* "councillors" If necessary, put the dot in third place before the Ler stroke, and for "counsellors" a dot in second place. Councillors are government officials, counsellors are people who help and give advice.

* Omission phrases "ne(k)s(t mon)th"  "ne(k)s(t w)eek"

* "several" "seven" Keep the N hook clear on "seven" so these two are not misread for each other

* Omission phrase "las(t) month" This is quicker than an intersection as there is no pen lift and the join is good

* "hobby" "habit" Insert the first vowel, as these are similar in outline and meaning

* "farmers" See entries "farmer framer" and "former, firmer"

* Omission phrase "S(ociety of) Poets"

All of the goods carry some sort of trade mark. The high water mark was clearly visible on the harbour wall. This writing paper has a special watermark showing the maker’s initials and logo. They bowed their heads as a mark of respect to the king. We had to mark time until the establishment opened. He had a rubber stamp to make the official mark on the correspondence papers. I will be going to the village supermarket tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday is farmers’* market day in this town. I am going to the office this morning. I completed my reports yesterday morning and I shall hand them in tomorrow morning. I will be travelling to the coast very early in the morning*. The office manager will see you at ten o’clock sharp. I have applied for the job of operations manager at the factory. Mr Brown is the football team manager and he is employed as engineering manager at the nearby steel works.

* "farmers" See entries "farmer framer" and "former, firmer"

* "in the morning" This is quicker than an intersection as there is no pen lift and the join is good

We watched the national news on the television and then discussed national affairs all evening. Our national defence has been greatly improved over the past few years. The writer of the column thinks that the economic situation is a national disaster. We had a great time seeing the National Ballet dancers at the theatre. I have a current account with the First National Bank* and a savings account with the National Benevolent* Society. We do have fire insurance for the house but we have no accident insurance for our car. You must take out some house insurance immediately. Our insurance arrangements* are all now in order. Insurance premiums are quite high but we think it is very important to have sufficient insurance for our cars, possessions and properties. Please check on the current costs of our vehicle insurance and also our building insurance.

* "National Bank" Could also be written with "national" as full outline and B intersected

* "Benevolent" Optional contraction

* "insurance arrangements" Could also be written as Ns intersected and full outline for "arrangements" although this would be longer to write

I shall arrange for you to meet Mrs Green next week*. Will they be arranging to have the refreshments delivered for the meeting? We have arranged to meet with Mrs Gray in two weeks*. Please make arrangements to attend this office on Monday morning. They made no arrangements for their* travel but fortunately we had arranged for a taxi to pick them up. Do you require a copy of the report on the new road* works? Mr Long will require their help in the accounts office for the next three days. You must make a note of these requirements immediately. What are your requirements for the shareholders’ meeting next Friday? My requirements are that they put their questions* in writing as soon as possible*. Formal evening wear will be required at the concert. I will meet him at the railway station this evening. There was some damage to the railway carriage after the storm. I now have a copy of the railway timetable*. All of the railway staff were there to meet him as he arrived. The new railway engine is now in full service on this line. We visited the Queen’s royal palaces on several* occasions. The royal carriage* will be leaving the palace at precisely midday. The King’s royal sailing yacht will be in the marina on Monday. (869 words)

* Omission phrase "ne(k)s(t w)eek"  "two wee(k)s" "as soon as poss(ible)"

* "for their" Full outlines, but "if there" is the phrase that is doubled, so that these two can never clash

* "road" "route" Always insert the vowel, as these are similar in outline and meaning

* "questions" Optional contraction

* "timetable" Halving to represent the T of "table"

* "several" "seven" Keep the N hook clear on "seven" so these two are not misread for each other

* "royal carriage" The context must be clear to use the Ray for this, especially as "railway carriage" is the more likely reading