Monday, 15 May 2017

Instructor Phrases Section 4

These sentences practice the phrases in Section 4 pages 204-5 of the Instructor, Doubling.

I think there will be a meeting next week* and I am sure there is much that we need to discuss on this particular subject.

In their opinion everything is in order and they will be making their way to the office today.

I believe there will be a note of this in their statement today in order that the facts* can be made clear to everyone.

I wish there were some other way of selling the items in order to* recover our costs.

My dear fellow* citizens, I know there is much to say and I know there is not a lot of time to say it.

My dear Sir, I see there is a new book out on this subject* and I know there will be a lot of interest.

* Omission phrases "ne(k)s(t w)eek" "in order that the (f)acts" "in ord(er to)"

* "fellow" Only written thus in this phrase, otherwise full strokes

* "on this subject" The Ses circle is representing both S sounds, to help with reading back

My dear Madam, We will certainly write to you if there is to be another sale in that department.

My dear friend, I was wondering if there is a possibility* that we could travel by some other means.

Whenever there is a sale on, my family has to be there and spend more than their budget allows.

This employee has been there for many years even though there is little work to do in that office.

I have been there to see it for myself and I wondered if there was any way to avoid* this problem.

I have their address and I believe that they have been there for some time and are enjoying their stay there.

* "possibility" Optional contraction

* "avoid" and "evade" Always insert the second vowel, as these are similar in outline and meaning, especially necessary when they are phrased and therefore out of position.

How can there be any possibility* of taking action before there is a decision on this matter?

They lived above their shop and then found a house in which there is more space to live.

We have their address at last* and shall be there at three in the afternoon for their* party.

We heard from their manager that they have taken more than their allocated time for the job.

We are doing nothing pending their decision or some other instruction that they may wish to give us.

* "possibility" Optional contraction

* "for their" In phrases "if" can be doubled, "for" is not, to provide some differentiation, this is because position cannot easily be shown with some doubled curves

* "at last" and "at least" Always insert the second vowel

They travelled over there a little before their expected time, in other words* they arrived early.

We think they are* doing quite a good job but in some other respects we doubt if there is time to complete it.

We are willing to visit them, if it be their wish to see us, but we will have to wait upon their decision.

We have been there before, to see if their business is doing as well as they say in their reports to us.

I think that in their case we can make an exception but then there are others where we cannot do so.

These items are very rapidly increasing their value over their original cost. (455 words)

 "We think they are" If the speaker said "we think they're" then you could use a doubled Ith stroke

* Omission phrase "in other wo(r)ds"