Saturday, 15 April 2017

Instructor Phrases Section 3

These sentences practise the phrases in Section 3 page 200 of the Instructor, Halving.

They drive the car as if it were in a race and there will be an accident if it is not stopped.

I am able to think of several things that they would like but I cannot say* what they are just yet.

I am unable to think of the means by which it was* done, but I will remember at some time and hopefully quite soon.

The book in which it is mentioned has been on sale for some time and you will be able to buy it.

I cannot be sure of the report in which it has appeared and I cannot see* how we can find it now.

I hope you will not forget that we are able to make adjustments* to the plans from time to time.

* "I cannot say" Helpful to insert the vowel, and omit the vowel in "I cannot see", to prevent misreading

* "by which it was done" Do not allow the halved Chay to be too short and looking like a Tick The

* "adjustments" Omits the lightly-sounded first T

I sent them a few words on the matter* some time ago so they would be aware of this change.

They would not be happy with this answer and if it were possible they would change it immediately.

You will not be surprised to hear that you must not* go into that building and must stay outside at all times.

I wondered if it would be possible to see both the staff at the same time, as I may not be* here tomorrow.

This is a book of which it has been said that it is able to make a big difference to the reader’s opinion*.

This is a problem of which it must be said that no-one is able to think of the right answer.

* Omission phrase "on (the) matter"  "you mus(t) not"

* "I may not" and "I am not" are the same outline, insert the vowel in "may" if necessary

* "opinion" This short form is on the line, to ensure it is not misread as "information" which is above the line

Unfortunately you were not told of the meeting but at any rate you did arrive eventually and I trust not too exhausted.

I would be interested to know what we would do if such circumstances were to happen again.

You may not be aware that you cannot use that machine today as it has been out of order for some time.

Many words have been written on this subject but our report is entirely in our words alone.

You are not* far from achieving high speed and you will not fail if you continue to work on it.

You should not be surprised to hear that I shall not be present, as I was not told the date of the meeting and have not put it in the diary* (386 words)

* "you are not" Do not use halving for this, it would be too similar to "you will not"

* The phrases in this sentence do not show halving, they all use the full "not" outline. The last 3 are clearer and can also be added to further, to make a longer phrase.
**** "if it be not" I have not included this one, as it is archaic and unclear